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Nuzvidu Chinna Rasalu

When you envision a mango, it’s hard not to imagine eating a sweet, delicious, juicy fruit on a tropical island. However, there’s more to mangoes than their great flavor. The mango has a long-standing history with the human race. Along the way, mangos have provided our ancestors with nutrition, subsistence, and health benefits. Today, we can reap these many benefits with mango powder. From easing digestion to boosting immunity to clearing your skin, here are the many ways mango powder can improve your everyday life. That is why our ancestors held this fruit in such high regard.


( SRN Natural products packs are grown in our farms naturally in our tribal areas with the help of our farmers’ network.)


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  • Mostly grown in Nuzived region situated in the Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh, Chinna Rasalu mangoes have an extremely sweet and fibrous pulp.
  • Do not forget to check our delicious fruit recipe -
  • Calcium Carbide is not used in the ripening process of the mangoes.

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  • Protects from the negative effects of heat and prevents dehydration. Eases digestion.
  • It is a superior supply of Vitamin A, C, iron & magnesium.

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