Sona Masuri Brown Rice (Non-Stream)

Brown rice is different from white rice in that the second layer, which is a reddish-brown thin skin hugging the rice seed, is left on. Thus the rice is high in fibre and reduces the body’s sugar and cholesterol levels. Also the rice is rich in Vitamin B12 thus making it ideal for daily consumption.

Positive results were observed when animal protein was replaced by plant protein on glucose and cholesterol levels in the blood which is beneficial to diabetics and people with heart-related problems.

( SRN Natural products packs are grown in our farms naturally in our tribal areas with the help of our farmers’ network.)


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About the product:-

It is lightweight and sweet-smelling and measured to be of the finest quality,Manganese is an essential element of an antioxidant enzyme superoxide dismutase, responsible for protection against damage from the free radicals.

Benefits & Specialties :-

  • It helps in maintaining digestive health and prevents problems like constipation.
  • The oil content in the rice helps in lowering cholesterol content.
  • Low glycemic index, thereby lowering the impact of raised blood sugar.
  • High fiberaids digestive processes,boost energy and mood.
  • Non Streaming Product
  • Non Chemical Product
  • 100% Protein Rice

Expiry(Shelf Life):-?3-4?Months from the Date of Manufacture.

Once Opened:-?After opening, consume within 30 days.

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